Dual Gauge Single Stage Regulator - CO2

This gas regulator has a bottom entry design, which is suited for top outlet cylinder valves.

It has a flow rate of upto 96m³/h and a full 300 Bar Capacity.

Maximum outlet pressure size: 4.0 Bar

One dial provides the pressure reading in the cylinder, the other the pressure going to the keg, the central knob controls the rate of flow.

If you set the flow low enough it will gradually replace the drop in keg pressure occurring on the drawing of beer thereby keeping the beer under reasonably constant pressure.

Turn off the central pressure control at the end of the session.

For CO2 gas only.

For use with Cornelius Kegs, simply connect the regulator up to your external gas cannister.

Using a length of 1/4" tubing and a gas in disconnect, connect up the Cornelius Keg to the regulators outlet, and make sure all connections are tight.

Regulate your gas to the lowest output and slowly add gas to into your Cornelius to purge it of air.

We recommend that you purge your Cornelius beforehand with CO2 before storing your beer.

We also recommend using jubilee clips with the tubing to ensure tight connections.


• Fitted with 1⁄4” parallel threaded gauges

• Fitted with a standard 1⁄4” BSP outlet

• Fitted with 5⁄8” BSP inlet connections

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