Fermtech Wine Whip Degasser

Wine Whip Degasser - Fermtech

The Wine Whip

This de-gassing tool is designed to agitate the wine after fermentation without introducing more oxygen into it.

Very efficient and economical, the rod is made from plastic making it safe to use with both glass and plastic.

The bung fits into our 23L & 11L glass carboys, simply attach the end of it to a 3/8" variable speed drill and away you go.

Our preferred method to check if the wine is completely degassed is to taste it  - if you taste bubbles it’s not degassed.

Degassing your wine/mead is a vital step in the final stages of the wine-making process.

Simply put it involves removing the suspended carbon dioxide left over from fermentation.

Even sparkling wine begins as a still wine and must be free of carbon dioxide before becoming sparkling.

Leaving too much carbon dioxide in your wine can have the following negative effects on your wine.

  • It leaves what should be a still wine carbonated.
  • Suspended carbon dioxide prevents the wine from properly clearing.
  • Carbon dioxide increases the sensation of acidity in wine.

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