Bag in Box 5L Wine Dispenser

Bag in Box (Foil) - 5L Wine Dispenser

5L Wine in a Box

Bag-in-box (BIB) with tap is capable of storing and dispensing up to 5 litres of homebrew wine, cider or beer.

A convenient and economical alternative to bottles, great for family gatherings, events or parties.

The one-way tap prevents air from entering the bag during dispensing, so products remain in good condition for weeks or months after opening.

Aluminium bags are especially suited for wine thanks to the additional oxygen barrier by the alu-laminate.

If needed, the wine bag can also be chilled in bulk in the fridge and boxed when ready to drink for easy dispensing.

NOT suitable for hot liquids.

Box Dimension is 17x17x25cm approx


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