Flaked Jumbo Oats

Flaked Jumbo Oats

Flaked Jumbo Oats

This adds a creamy richness to a beer.

Flaked Torrefied Oats (unmalted) consist of husked oat grains that have been cooked at high temperature, resulting in gelatinisation of the starchy endosperm, and then flaked.

Flaked Torrefied Oats can be added directly to the mash without the need for milling.

This product is fresh-smelling, free from any extraneous material and manufactured from non-GM certified raw materials in a plant that does not process any material that is of GM origin.

Mashable Adjuncts are another source of fermentable sugars which enhance the flavour, aroma, and colour of beer.

Adjunct grains can result in stuck mashes, especially when used in higher quantities.

We always recommended using some form of husk or rice hulls - see product below.

Subject to current stock levels, malt is available in bags of 500g and 3 kg.


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