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Distiller's Yeast Rum 20g

Distillers Rum Yeast

Still Spirits Distillers Rum Yeast is a specialist active dried yeast strain used for the fermentation of sugar, treacle, molasses, or sugar cane juice for the production of full-flavoured, smooth, and rounded rum spirit. This yeast strain produces an optimum congener profile that results in the development of a rich, full-bodied flavour and aroma profile in rum. It is used widely in the Caribbean and other regions around the world where rum is produced.

Still Spirits Distiller's Range, selected genuine distilling yeasts, nutrients and enzymes for home craft distilling.

  • Sufficient for: Up to 25 L
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 15%
  • ABV Attenuation: 70-100% (Low-High)
  • Flocculation Rate: Medium

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