25 Litre Wide Neck Fermenter with Tap & Bottling Stick

Homebrew Fermenter

25-litre heavy-duty plastic fermenter, includes a lever tap, bottle filling stick, robust handles and 4" bored cap lid with o'ring.

The neck of the fermenter is approx 10cm making it wide enough to get your hand inside for thorough cleaning.

This wide-neck fermenter is a good step up from using buckets and can be used for sugar washes, beer, cider or wine.

The spring-loaded bottling stick makes bottling day much easier, simply offer the bottle up and let the fluid flow.

Wine Making

We find this fermenter has an added benefit when making wine as the handles assist greatly when at the de-gassing stage.

Once a day tilt the fermenter back slightly and rotate the fermenter on its base for 2-5 minutes for the next 7 days.

Degassing your wine/mead is a vital step in the final stages of the wine-making process.

Simply put it involves removing the suspended carbon dioxide left over from fermentation.

Even sparkling wine begins as a still wine and must be free of carbon dioxide before becoming sparkling.


Leaving too much carbon dioxide in your wine can have the following negative effects on your wine.

  • It leaves what should be a still wine carbonated.
  • Suspended carbon dioxide prevents the wine from properly clearing.
  • Carbon dioxide increases the sensation of acidity in wine.

  • Height: 51cm
  • Diameter: 30cm

You will need a bung & airlock for the cap, a standard-size demijohn cork/bung will fit snugly.


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