Columbus Hop Pellets

Columbus Hop Pellets 100g

Columbus Hop Profile

Columbus hop pellets are most often used as a bittering hop, its high oil content makes them especially good for dry hopping.

Using this hop as a late addition may cause the finished beer to have slight citrus characteristics.

Origin: USA | Alpha Acid: 12-17% | Beta Acid: 4-5.5% 

Hop Characteristics: Resin, Earthy, Spicy, Black Pepper

Saaz Hop Substitute: Chinook, Galena, Zeus

What beer styles will Columbus work in?

Some popular beer styles include Lager, American IPAs, Stout, Barley Wine

What hops pair well with Columbus?

Columbus hops are most commonly paired with Centennial, Chinook, Citra, Simcoe, Cascade & Amarillo


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