Styrian Fox Hop Pellets

Styrian Fox Hop Pellets 100g

Styrian Fox Hop Pellets: A Unique Fusion of Flavors

The Styrian Fox Hop Pellets, originating from Slovenia's Styria region, is a relatively new, dual-purpose hop known for its distinct flavour profile. Created by the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing in Žalec, Styrian Fox is a product of an extensive breeding program and a descendant of the renowned Styrian Golding hop. This heritage lends the Styrian Fox Hops a versatile character, making them a popular choice among both homebrewers and commercial breweries.

Styrian Fox Hop Flavour

The Styrian Fox Hops are cherished for their extraordinary aroma and flavour qualities, defined by a delightful mix of fruity, floral, and earthy notes. These hops introduce dominant tropical fruit flavours such as passion fruit and pineapple, complemented by a subtle undertone of citrus and berries. Such delicate and intricate flavours make the Styrian Fox Hops ideal for an array of beer styles, especially those that emphasize hop aroma and flavour.

Styrian Fox Hop Profile

  • Origin: Slovenia
  • Alpha Acid: 5.7 - 12%
  • Beta Acid: 2.1 - 4%
  • Cohumulone: 26 - 30%
  • Characteristics: Blackcurrant, Lemongrass, Marjoram
  • Substitute: None

Styrian Fox Hop Substitute

When it comes to substitutes, it can be challenging to find a perfect match due to their unique flavour profile. However, hops such as Cascade or Amarillo can bring a similar citrus character if Styrian Fox hops aren't available.

Styrian Fox Hops Pairing

Styrian Fox Hops pair well with a variety of other hops, each enhancing different aspects of its flavour profile. Pairing it with Styrian Wolf hops can accentuate the fruity characters, producing a bold and vibrant flavour. With Motueka, known for its lime and tropical fruit notes, you can create a beer that is a perfect blend of tropical fruit and earthy undertones.

Beer Styles Using Styrian Fox Hops

Styrian Fox Hops, with their unique flavour profile and versatility, are suitable for a variety of beer styles. Their character shines through in hop-forward styles like IPAs, Pale ales, and Wheat beers. Their aromatic strength also enhances the profile of traditional European lagers and pilsners, offering a fusion of old-world charm and new-world creativity.


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