Phoenix Hop Pellets 100g

Phoenix Hop Pellets: A British Hop Variety with a Punch

Introduce a unique twist to your brew with Phoenix Hop Pellets. Sourced from the UK, these hops are cherished for their high alpha acid content and distinct flavour profile, making them an excellent choice for a variety of beer styles.

Phoenix Hop Pellets Flavour

Phoenix Hop Pellets carry a delightful blend of flavours that can elevate your brew. Known for their spicy and chocolatey notes, these hops also deliver a hint of molasses. This combination makes Phoenix a versatile choice that can add depth to your brew.

Phoenix Hop Pellets Profile

  • Origin: UK
  • Alpha Acid: 8-12%
  • Beta Acid: 4.6-6%
  • Characteristics: Chocolate, Molasses, Spice
  • Substitute: Challenger, Northdown

Phoenix Hop Pellets Substitute

If Phoenix Hop Pellets are not within reach, consider using Challenger or Northdown hops. Both alternatives deliver a similar bitterness profile and an interesting mix of flavours, making them good substitutes.

Pairing Phoenix Hop Pellets

Phoenix Hop Pellets can harmonize well with traditional British hops such as Fuggle and Goldings. The combination results in a balanced, flavourful brew with classic British undertones.

Beer Styles Using Phoenix Hop Pellets

Phoenix Hop Pellets can shine in a variety of beer styles. They are particularly well-suited to English Bitters, Pale Ales, and Stouts, where their unique flavour profile can really come to the fore.


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