Still Spirits Icon Liqueurs Shamrock Cream Flavouring

Icon Liqueurs Shamrock Cream Flavouring (Irish style)

Icon Liqueurs - Shamrock Cream Flavouring Essence

Makes an Irish whiskey style flavouring with a distinct, sweet and creamy taste, with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee.

This range from Still Spirits makes creating liqueurs easier than ever before.

Simply add the contents of the 330ml essence bottle to a 1-litre bottle.

Mixing Instructions

Pre-mix 70 mL of warm water with 250 ml of 40% ABV vodka or neutral alcohol.

Add the mixture to the Icon Liqueurs Shamrock Cream Base 215g while whisking thoroughly.

Add this flavouring and top up to 1 L with 40% ABV distilled spirit or vodka.


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