Erlenmeyer Flask 2000ml

Erlenmeyer Flask - 2000ml

Go for the best quality, along with the 1000ml flask, this is perfect for culturing a yeast starter.

This flask is made from heat resistant borosilicate glass and has a height of 290mm with a 42mm opening.

It is graduated at 250ml intervals from 500ml to 2000ml.

Dims are approx.

In common with the shipping of all glass products, there is an attendant risk of breakage, which we have both minimised & will rectify for shipments within the U.K. should the need arise.

Safety notes:

1. When heated the flask should be on a fire proof sheet with no liquid on the exterior.

2. Heat should be applied gradually.

3. Heat should be applied for a maximum time of 2 hours

Please note: The glassware provided is designed to be heat-resistant, allowing for safe heating.

However, it is important to avoid subjecting it to sudden temperature changes, as it may not withstand such shocks..


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