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Better Brew Bandit Brew Tequila and Lime Beer Kit

Bandit Brew Tequila and Lime Beer Home Brew Beer Kit

Better Brew Bandit Brew Tequila and Lime produces a thirst-quenching Mexican-style light beer, flavoured with Tequila and Lime. Arriba!

Playing homage to the Desperados Beer, this beer style is better bottled because you want it served cold with good carbonation.

You will require 1.5Kg of dextrose (brewing sugar) to match typical commercial strength Tequila beer at approx 5%.

Alternatively, you can substitute dextrose for liquid malt extract for a maltier and fuller-bodied beer.

Better Brew beer kits are made from the best liquid malt extract from several manufacturers around the world

One of the first ranges featured pouch-style kits containing 1.8 kg of liquid malt extract and producing 40 pints.

Better Brew Bandit Brew Tequila and Lime is totally natural, therefore containing no additives, preservatives or colourings.

Please note this is just an ingredients pouch, and you will need beer-making equipment.


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Oct 3, 2023
Bandit Brew, Tequila and Lime? More like Plum
I bought this kit as a “one I've never done before” to use as footage for my YouTube channel ( For a “kit and kilo” beer it was quite pricey but it did produce a very pleasant beer. In my opinion, however, it wasn't a Tequila and lime beer, more like a plumb flavour. See my taste test video for more details ( Nice beer though.

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