Mangrove Jack's 5L Mini Keg with Ball Lock Cap

5L Mini Keg - Mangrove Jack's 

The Mangrove Jack's 5L Mini Keg is a portable and convenient solution for storing and dispensing your homebrew beer.

This stainless steel keg has a 5-litre capacity, making it ideal for smaller batches and experimental brews.

The ball lock cap and dip tube allow for easy pressurization and carbonation, while also enabling use as a convenient beer growler for transport.

With its portable size and handles for easy transportation, this mini keg is great for parties or keeping and serving beer in the kitchen fridge.

Its food-grade silicone dip tube ensures quality and safety.

Dimensions Approx.

  • Height with solid cap: 28cm
  • Height with ball lock cap: 34cm
  • Diameter: 27cm

For even better carbonation control, we recommend using the Mangrove Jacks Portable CO2 Kit, which pairs perfectly with the Mangrove Jack's 5L Mini Keg.


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