29mm Crown Caps

Champagne Crown Caps 29mm - Pack of 100

Champagne Crowns - Profiled Inlay

Crown cork with PVC free, profiled lining.

Withstands pressure up to 8 bar when sealed properly. Suitable for sparkling wine and champagne.

Or as temporary closure during the process of “remuage”. Non-sterilisable.

For professional use, requires a professional, pneumatic crown capper with 29 mm head.

Avoid manual closing.

These crown caps are larger in size than the 26 mm ones used on most standard beer bottles.

They fit champagne bottles with a crown rim and can be used for capping these during the second fermentation of sparkling wines up to stage of disgorgement.

They can be used with under-bungs (see below) that will make with the removal of the sediment easier.

These oxygen scavengers have a special liner that absorbs oxygen molecules in the head space of closed bottles.

This layer protects your beer from oxidation, it ensures flavour stability and extends shelf life.

Specifications: 29 mm crown cap special oxygen scavenging liner also suitable for milk and soda bottles the caps are moisture activated, therefore, only wet/sanitize the crown corks prior to bottling.


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