Rye Malt Pale (Crisp)

Pale Rye Malt can improve head retention, mouthfeel and introduce flavour changes of a toffee/caramel note at lower inclusion rates and a spicy after-palate at higher inclusion rates.

Most notably, Rye Malt will also impart a reddish hue to beers as well as add a unique flavour, giving fullness and mouthfeel and is superb when used in conjunction with Red Rye Crystal.

Rye Malt is higher in beta-glucans which can cause issues at higher rates, if using at greater than 20%, rice hulls are recommended to aid filtration.

This malt is excellent in hoppy Beer styles, complementing citrus hops with its spice.

Colour EBC: 13.0-35.0 | Tasting: Earthy, Spicy After-Taste | Usage: Up to 15-20%

Beer Styles: Speciality Beers, Rye IPAs, Rye Pale Ales, Red Ale, Roggenbier

Malts available in bags of 500g, 3kg & 25kg subject to current stock levels.


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