Epsom Salts

Magnesium Sulphate / Epsom Salts - 100g

Brewing Salt

Magnesium Sulphate commonly known as Epsom Salts has uses in both beer and winemaking.

This versatile brewing salt can act as a water treatment by lowering the pH by a small amount or providing nutrients for yeast health.

Magnesium is necessary for some chemical reactions to take place during the fermentation process.

Wine Making

Adding a small dose of magnesium sulphate acts as a yeast nutrient, providing the necessary food for strong yeast growth.

For the best results use in conjunction with other nutrients when making wine to ensure a strong healthy fermentation.

The dose rate is half a teaspoon per 5 litres of wine together with the yeast.

Beer Making

Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4) is an important mineral when brewing for its effect on mash and wort pH.

Epsom salts can be used to add a sulfate "crispness" to the beer that will increase hop bitterness levels.

Adding 1 teaspoon to 23 litres of brewing water will approx increase the magnesium ion levels by about 50 ppm and the sulphate levels by about 210 ppm.


Burton-On-Trent at one stage was "the brewing capital of Britain," due to the water used for their pale ales.

Many homebrewers looking to achieve a similar water profile will use a mixture of magnesium sulphate & calcium sulphate.

This emulation of Burton water in brewing is called Burtonisation.


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