Glycerol 100ml (Glycerine)

Glycerol 100ml (Glycerine)

Glycerol for Homebrewing

Glycerol, also known as glycerine, offers unique advantages for homebrewers, enhancing the quality and character of your brews.

Glycerol is a naturally occurring compound in many beverages, including wine, where trace amounts are often present.

In moderation, it's considered safe and can enhance your brews.

Key Advantages for Homebrewing

  • Improved Mouthfeel: Glycerol is renowned for its ability to enhance the mouthfeel of your beer or wine. By adding glycerol to your brew, you can achieve a smoother and more full-bodied texture, reminiscent of commercial craft beverages.
  • Enhanced Stability: This compound acts as a stabilizer, extending the shelf life of your homemade creations. It helps prevent oxidation and maintains the freshness of your brew over time.
  • Flavor Balancer: When used judiciously, glycerol can round out the flavours in your beer or wine, creating a more harmonious taste profile. It's especially valuable in balancing the flavours of high-alcohol brews.
  • Adjunct in Winemaking: In winemaking, glycerol can be employed to improve the viscosity and overall mouthfeel of wines. It contributes to a more pleasant and well-rounded wine-drinking experience and can enhance the drinkability of younger wines, reducing issues caused by excess tannin.
  • Perfect for Liqueurs and Spirits: Glycerol can provide body and a smoother texture to liqueurs and spirits, enhancing their overall quality.
  • Ease of Use: Adding glycerol to your homebrew is a straightforward process. It readily dissolves in your brew, making it convenient for homebrewers of all levels of expertise.

Directions for Use

While glycerol can enhance your brew, remember that a little goes a long way.

Start with small amounts and gradually adjust until you achieve your desired finish.

  • Add 5ml per litre of spirits.
  • For wine, ciders, or hard seltzers, add 1-5ml per litre.

Elevate your homebrewing game with glycerol and craft brews rivalling commercial favourites' quality and texture.

Enhance mouthfeel, improve stability, and balance flavours effortlessly with this valuable addition to your brewing toolkit.


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