Malolactic Culture

Malolactic Culture - 25g

Malolactic Culture for Homebrewing

This malolactic culture serves as a valuable tool in wine production, enabling precise control over malolactic fermentation. This natural process converts harsh malic acid into smoother lactic acid, significantly reducing acidity and enhancing the wine's overall stability. Originally employed in commercial winemaking, this culture is now available for domestic use.

Usage Recommendations:

  • To achieve optimal results, ensure that the free SO2 content remains below 10 mg/litre, with a total SO2 content not exceeding 30 mg/litre.
  • Maintain a wine pH value of at least 3.1, and limit the alcohol content to 13% or less.
  • Maintain a fermentation temperature of 17°C or higher.


  • For every 10 litres of wine, use 5 grams of this culture.
  • Incorporate it into the wine near the conclusion of fermentation, just before the clarification process initiates.


  • Dissolve the culture in water at a ratio of approximately 10-20 times its weight, at a temperature of 25°C, while stirring continuously.
  • Stir the mixture intermittently, and after half an hour, introduce it to the wine.

Enhanced Qualities:

Besides its acidity-control properties, this culture can impart an additional sparkle and freshness to the wine, akin to the characteristics often found in champagne.

This precise 25g pack size ensures sufficient treatment for 50 litres of wine, allowing for convenient and accurate dosage.


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