Citric Acid 100g

Citric Acid 100g

Citric Acid Crystals in Your Brewing Process

Citric Acid Crystals are a secret weapon in crafting superior brews. They are essential for pH adjustments, acidity regulation, and flavour improvement, making them an indispensable ingredient in every homebrewer's toolkit.

Elevate Your Brews with the Power of Citric Acid Crystals

  • Acidity Regulation: Citric Acid Crystals can transform brews that have low natural acidity levels. They work exceptionally well in balancing and brightening the taste of your wines and beers. pH Control: Optimize the pH balance in your brews with Citric Acid Crystals. Their use directly impacts the taste, stability, and microbial activity in your beverages.
  • Flavour Boost: Citric Acid Crystals can significantly uplift the flavour profile of your brews, adding a refreshing, slightly tart note that enhances the overall character of your beverages.
  • Long-Lasting Brews: Citric Acid Crystals act as a natural preservative, helping to keep unwanted microorganisms at bay and prevent oxidation. This contributes to the long-term stability and shelf life of your beverages.
  • Versatile Cleaning Solution: Citric Acid Crystals also serve as an efficient, food-safe cleaning agent, perfect for eliminating stains, scale, and mineral deposits from your stainless steel brewing equipment.
  • Summer Cordial Essential: If you're passionate about making elderflower cordials during the summer, our Citric Acid Crystals are a must-have ingredient. They serve as an effective preservative, ensuring your cordials stay fresh and delicious.

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