Beaverdale Chardonnay 6 Bottle Wine Kit for Sale

Beaverdale - Chardonnay - 6 Bottle Wine Kit

Beaverdale Chardonnay 6 Bottle wine kit is a premium all-inclusive white wine-making kit which requires only water.

No added sugar is needed for this wine kit, as all the sugar content is contained within the 1.17 litres of grape concentrate.

Just top up with water and produce homemade wine in approx. 4 weeks.

This Chardonnay produces a dry, white, crisp wine, rich and well-balanced with wonderful body and finesse and a lingering aftertaste.

Chardonnay is arguably the most famous and successful of all white wine grapes, and also one of the most widely planted.

Dry | Medium Oak | Medium Body | 11% ABV Approx.

Range Information

Long-established wine making kits, which are used with great success by both novices and experienced winemakers.

House of Beaverdale, the UK's original all grape juice concentrate wine kits, are available in both 6 and 30 bottle versions.

Each wine making kit contains grape juice, yeast, bentonite, stabilizer, oak chips (the use of which is optional) and finings. 

For those who prefer greater body or depth to their wines, consider reducing the amount of water added.

Please note this is just an ingredients box, and you will need wine making equipment.


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