Sweet Orange Peel

Sweet Orange Peel (100g)

Sweet Orange Peel

Many types of beer taste great with a bright orange flavour, lagers, pale ales, IPAs and more can benefit.

Try adding some orange peel to citrusy hop beers for aroma or flavour in light-body beers.

Sweet orange delivers a more positively identifiable orange character to beer than bitter (curacao) orange.

It produces an intensely rich, sweet orange flavour very similar to Cointreau or Grand Marinier.

Beer Styles

The signature ingredient found in Blue Moon Belgian White, amongst a variety of other Belgium beers.

Popular in Christmas beers and pairs well with other holiday spices such as cloves and cinnamon.

Add to English IPAs, Belgian IPA, American IPA, Oatmeal Stout & Baltic Porter for aroma.

Add to light-body beers like American (Lager, Wheat, Blonde), Hefeweizen & Berliner Weisse for flavour.

Brewing with sweet orange peel

Brewers have various methods for using orange peel but it is typically added to the kettle.

We recommend steeping the peels in the wort for 3-10 minutes before the end of the boil.

This will ensure you do not over-boil it and drive off the desired aromatic oils.

After steeping, the peel should be removed from the wort so ideally use a bag or hop ball/tube.

This method will yield the most delicate orange flavour but rules out any contamination. 


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