Isinglass Paste

Isinglass Paste has the great advantage in that it is much easier to prepare than Dried Isinglass.

It is commonly used in commercial breweries but so far has been largely ignored by craft brewers, possibly because they are unaware if it's existence.

To prepare this fining put 1 litre of water into a large mixing bowl or jug.

Using a hand-held kitchen blender slowly mix in 70g of isinglass paste until fully dispersed.

Add 7 g of citric acid and blend for a few minutes.

Add a further 1 litre of water and blend for a further 10 -15 minutes.

Store unused paste in a tightly sealed container.

Ready mixed isinglass should be refrigerated and used within 4 weeks.

This may sound hard but it is much easier than using dried isinglass!

The prepared isinglass should be used at the rate of 200 - 500ml per 25 litres.

Disperse thoroughly in either the conditioning tank or cask.

Often used subsequent to Auxiliary Finings, please see below.

Pack Size: 200g Isinglass Paste and 20g of Citric Acid


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