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Isinglass 100ml

Isinglass is a universal and natural clarifier for wine, juice and beer.

Suitable for clarification at cold temperatures.

Isinglass’s consistency is heavily influenced by the temperature at which it is stored and used.

Elevated temperatures cause the isinglass to be more liquid and thinner, whereas low temperatures cause it to become viscous.

Store in a cool, odour‐free place, ideally at approx. 10 °C.

Packs which have been opened should be tightly sealed again.

Dosage: 2-5 ml/10 l.

How to determine which fining agent to use?

Trial and error is still one of the easiest and best methods; take a few samples from the wine that needs to be clarified/fined and put them in test tubes.

Add a few millilitres or grammes of a different fining agent to each test tube.

Another test tube of wine/juice with pecto enzyme and one with alpha-amylase (in starchy fruit) are helpful.

Leave to clear for a few hours and you will see which fining agent gives the best result!


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