Silicone Treated Wine Bottle Corks

Finest Quality Silicone Treated Corks (Pack 50)

Wine Bottle Corks - Silicone

When you’re sealing still wines you need a cork that can provide a strong seal and keep the wine secure and oxygenated.

If you’re looking for long-lasting corkage solutions to keep your wine tasting as good as possible, look no further.

These natural wine corks are coated for preservation and to lock in moisture, without affecting the taste of the wine.

When used with shrink caps these are great for maturing and keeping your wine in the best condition.

Made from No.1 quality solid waxed cork as used for quality long-term results by home winemakers.

These natural wine bottle corks are of the standard size, 38x22mm.

These corks have been wax-treated to seal in the moisture, protect the surface and make them easier to insert into the bottle.

They have been washed in a hydrogen peroxide solution that disinfects and cleans deep into the cork.

For the best results, we recommend that these are not soaked and that they are inserted using a good quality corker.


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