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Coopers - Mexican Cerveza

Coopers - Mexican Cerveza

The ultimate thirst quencher under the sun & an excellent choice for those wanting to make a mid-strength beer.

Lighter in style with a fresh, clean taste designed for refreshment in the heat of Central America.

Using the dry malt Enhancer as below will help produce a mouth filling beer with a smooth palate and an alcohol content of approximately 3.8% ABV.

The subtle hop aromatics and bitterness will appeal to those who prefer to “Drink a Mid”.


Recommended additional ingredients:

1Kg Dry Malt Enhancer & Carbonation Drops for priming

Makes 40 pints.

Range Information
Coopers, a great working Australian craft brewery.

These beer kits emanate from the traditions & recipes that have developed over the decades.

They have put a lot of time & thought into replicating their brews for all to taste.

This particular series was developed for those brewers seeking the unique international flavours and characteristics of these regional beer styles.

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