SafAle K-97 German Ale Dry Yeast

SafAle K-97 German Ale Dry Yeast 11.5g

Brewer's Yeast for Delicate & Hopped Beers

A German ale yeast that has a lower attenuation profile, giving the beer a good mouthfeel.

Produces subtle fermentation character also depending on the conditions this yeast tends to present a floral and balanced fruity character.

K-97 is ideal for delicate beers such as German Kolsch beers, Belgian Wits and some versions of Session Beers.

Suitable for heavily hopped beers and has the ability to form a large firm head when fermenting.

  • Attenuation: 80–84%
  • Sedimentation: Slow
  • Flocculation: High
  • Alcohol Tolerance approx.: 9-11%
  • Recommended Fermentation Temperature: 15-20°C

Suitable for German Kolsch, German Alt, Berliner Weisse, Gose, New England IPAs & IPAs.


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