Mac Daddy Bouncer

Mac Daddy Bouncer - Inline Beer Filter

Beer Filter

The MD Bouncer Filter allows you to brew better-tasting and clearer beer, with less waste, and without pumps or additives.

Lower the amount of trub particulate you transfer from your boil kettle to your brewing bucket/fermenter.

Ideal for use after fermentation/dry hopping as you transfer the beverage into your pressure barrel/keg.

It is gravity fed via the accompanying barbed fittings & can easily be attached to a racking cane, tap or auto-syphon.


  • 915 microns (20 red mesh screen)
  • Pair of 3/8" & 1/2" hose barbs
  • Perfect for larger batches or dry-hopped beers
  • Removes sediment without taste-spoiling aeration or chemicals.
  • Saves time and beer
  • No pump required & easy to clean
  • Max Operating pressure up to 100 psi at 52 C
  • Operates up to 65ºC (not under pressure)
  • The embossed arrow indicates the direction of the flow

For finer mesh screens please see the products below.


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