Fermzilla 27L with Pressure Kit & Spunding Valve

The Ultimate Fermzilla Starter Kit, this bundle includes EVERYTHING you will need to start pressure fermenting.

The Fermzilla gives you the option to use the vessel as a standard fermenter with an airlock or as a pressurized fermenter.

Being a Conical Fermenter, it minimizes oxidization through not needing to transfer the beverage.

What are the benefits of fermenting under pressure?

  • Overall reduction in yeast ester and fusel production.
  • Ferment at higher temperatures without producing off-flavours.
  • Naturally carbonated beer from CO2 generated during fermentation (Rather than waiting over another week for carbonation)
  • Due to the closed fermentation, aroma compounds remain in the beer and aren’t blown off.
  • You can serve beer directly from Uni tanks, counter pressure fill bottles or easily transfer beer into kegs using pressure.
  • Fantastic for fermenting lagers with the lower ester production and the ability to brew at 21 °C to obtain a traditional lager flavour.

What's Included

  • Fermzilla 27L Gen 2 Tank with Butterfly Dump Valve Parts
  • Reinforced Stainless Steel Stand with Handles
  • Stainless Steel handles for Fermzilla x 2
  • Top Lid Threaded Cap with O'Ring
  • Top Lid fitted with a Pressure Relief Valve (35psi) and 2 x Male Cap Threads
  • Plastic Carbonation Pressure Caps (Fits onto Male Cap Threads) x 2
  • Premium 3 Piece Airlock & Grommet Cap (Fits onto Male Cap Thread)
  • 1000mL Collection Container with Lid* and [2 x Male Cap Threads]
  • Black Cap (Fits onto Male Cap Thread)
  • Adjustable Easy Opening Tool
  • Approximate Graduations Sticker & Stick On Thermometer strip
  • Set of Spare Seals
  • 80 cm Silicone Dip Tube fitted with Floating Dip Tube Filter & Stainless Steel Float
  • BlowTie Spunding Valve with Integrated Gauge (0-15PSI)

*Collection container lid is not pressure rated*

Click here for a video.

Click here for instructions.

The only additional purchase you might need is a tap to draw off your beer! - see products below.


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