Water Hardness Test Strips

Water Hardness Test Strips - 25 Strips

Water Hardness Test Strips

Supplied in a resealable container with instructions, this set of test strips measures water hardness from 0-500 mg/l.

Simple and quick to use, just immerse the swab strip in the water for 2 seconds then remove it.

Shake off excess liquid and compare against the colour chart on the packaging to determine the water hardness.

Water's hardness is determined by its calcium and magnesium salt content; the total of these salts determines its hardness.

The hardness of water is expressed in mg/L (ppm) of CaCO3, and it is often referred to as "soft" or "hard".

Hardness is determined by the amount of calcium in water per litre.

  • 0 mg/L: Totally soft water
  • 50 mg/L: Soft Water
  • 125 mg/L: Slightly Hard Water
  • 250 mg/L: Hard Water
  • 500 mg/L: Very hard Water

How to Increase Water Hardness?

Adding Calcium Carbonate or Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum) is the easiest method.

However they do not dissolve easily in water, so constant stirring is necessary to get them dissolved.

How to Decrease Water Hardness?

Adding Lactic Acid either in liquid or powder form is the safest way to reduce hardness in beer.


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