Still Spirits Fast Turbo Yeast

This is the updated version of the Still Spirits Express yeast, now named FAST.

This is one of the fastest fermenting yeasts available and is suitable for fermenting up to 25L of wash at 25 degrees to produce approximately 13% ABV in 24 hours.

We reccomend leaving the yeast to ferment until the desired gravity is reached as it can vary depending on temperatures, sugars etc.

Requires 6kg of sugar, or 8kg of dextrose for approximately 13% ABV.

Contains dried yeast, nutrients, enzymes, vitamins & trace minerals.

Available in 250g packets.


To use this yeast add 21 litres of water at 35 degrees to your fermenter.

Add 6-7kg of sugar and mix until fully dissolved.

Finally add contents of this packet and leave to ferment between 18-25 degrees.

This should give you approximately 13% ABV in just 24 hours, as stated above we reccomend working with gravity readings.


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