The Grainfather - Stainless Steel Fermenter

25L Stainless Steel Fermenter

Ferment with stainless steel like the pros!

This fermenter has a 25L (5 Gallon) capacity.

Made of a high grade, scratch resistant, stainless steel body, and fitted with heavy duty handles for easy lifting.

The lid clips down tightly onto the fermenter via clamps built into the fermenter.

It has a seamless inside finish for easy cleaning and to prevent contamination ruining your home brew.

There are litre measurement incraments stamped on the inside and outside of the fermenter's body.

Comes with a dispensing tap that sits above the sediment level for easy bottling as well as a custom bung and airlock.

For bottling straight from the tap, we have associated some syphon tubing as well as the relevant bottle filling stick that fits tightly into the tap, as tubing will not work externally.

Note: some tubing manufacturers wall gauge differs & in this event we recommend securing the tubing with a tie connection from the tap shank to a jubilee clip around the tubing.

This has a decent flow rate for bottling.

Nice and easy.

See below for a link to to images demonstrating us testing bottling from the Stainless Steel Fermenter tap

Here is a link to the images via Imgur Imgur link here

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