Stainless Steel Paddle

Stainless Steel Paddle: The Ultimate Brewing Companion

A Stainless Steel Paddle is the perfect tool for homebrewers who want a reliable and durable stirring companion.

Superior Durability and Hygiene

Unlike wooden or plastic paddles, our stainless steel paddle offers unparalleled durability and longevity. It is resistant to corrosion, ensuring that it remains in excellent condition for years to come. Additionally, stainless steel is easy to clean, providing a hygienic brewing environment and eliminating the risk of contamination.

Heat-Resistant and Safe Handling

With its long handle, our stainless steel paddle enables comfortable and safe stirring without the fear of burns or injuries. You can confidently manoeuvre your ingredients, ensuring thorough mixing and extraction during the brewing process.

Efficient Mixing with Perforated Design

The Stainless Steel Paddle is intelligently designed with perforations or holes along its surface. These perforations serve a crucial role in efficient mixing and blending. They allow liquids to pass through, preventing any sticking or clumping of ingredients.

Perfect for All Grain Brewing

For all grain brewers, our stainless steel paddle is an indispensable tool. Its sturdy construction enables you to stir the grain effortlessly when adding it to your boiler. With its ample length, you can reach even the deepest corners of your mash tun, ensuring a thorough mix and optimal extraction of sugars.

Foam Management Made Easy

During the boiling stage of the brewing process, the Stainless Steel Paddle proves invaluable in controlling foam formation. Its gentle patting action helps reduce excessive foam, preventing messy boil-overs and maintaining a controlled environment. Enjoy a stress-free brewing experience with our paddle by your side.

  • Maximum overall length 62cm approx.
  • Maximum width is 6cm approx.
  • Weight 200g.

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