5 litre pet demijohn

5 Litre Plastic Demijohn with Grommet Cap

Demijohn Bottle

Discover the convenience of home brewing with our 5 Litre Plastic Demijohn, an ideal solution for both novice and experienced brewers.

This square plastic demijohn, featuring a thin-walled design with ribbing, is exceptionally lightweight, making it easy to handle and move around.

The demijohn comes with a user-friendly pre-drilled screw cap, already fitted with a grommet to accommodate an airlock.

This thoughtful design means you won't need the usual bored cork or bung that glass demijohns require, simplifying your setup process.

Perfectly sized for beginners, this demijohn serves as an ideal starter fermenter for up to six bottles.

Its compact size is well-suited for placement on a worktop, allowing for convenient monitoring of the fermentation progress.

In terms of care, we recommend using lukewarm water for cleaning to avoid any distortion, as the fermenter is delicately crafted.

And while this plastic demijohn is robust for regular brewing activities, for long-term storage of wines or higher ABV washes, we suggest using glass fermenters for better longevity.


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