30l Heavy Duty Plastic Fermenter

Heavy Duty Plastic Fermenter - 30L

This versatile heavy duty plastic fermenter is available in a choice of 4 sizes.

All come with additional fittings such as a tap for the moulded tap plug and an airlock.

There are also integral moulded handles, and each has a gas tight push on lid which is sealed with a soft 'O' ring and held in place by a full diameter screw down securing ring.

Great for the best of fermentation, in bulk, of juices & extracts from the fruits of the season.

30 litre Height 37 cm, Diameter 38 cm

60 litre Height 61 cm, Diameter 38 cm

120 litre Height 80 cm, Diameter 48 cm

210 litre Height 100cm, Diameter 55 cm


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