Home brew starter kit for bottling beer kits & cider kits.

Home Brew Starter Equipment Kit For Bottling Beer & Cider

This kit includes all equipment needed to ferment and bottle up to 40 pints of homebrew beer & cider.

Once you bottle your brew, keep at room temperature for at least a week to allow for carbonation.

Afterwards store in a cool area out of direct sunlight to allow conditioning to take place.

Your beverage will be drinkable after 1 week but a noticeable difference if you allow it to develop longer - 2 - 4 weeks.

If done correctly the home brew should keep well for up to 5 months.

What's Included?

  • 25 Litre food grade fermenting bucket with lid x 1
  • Spring loaded bottling device with lever tap x 1
  • Pack of Sugar Carbonation Drops x 1
  • Tub of Cleaner / Steriliser x 1
  • Plastic Mixing Paddle / Spoon x 1
  • LCD Stick on thermometer x 1
  • Glass Wine and Beer Hydrometer x 1
  • Bubbler Airlock x 1
  • Choice between (40) 500ml Amber or (24) 1 Litre Clear PET bottles with caps
  • Page of Detailed instructions & email back up

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