Woodfordes Wherry Home brew Kit

Woodfordes Wherry - 40 Pint Beer Kit

Woodfordes Wherry Kit - Craft Your Own Classic Real Ale

Craft a delightful classic amber ale in the comfort of your home with the Woodfordes Wherry Beer Kit, perfect for aficionados of English-style ales.

This home brew kit provides everything needed to craft up to 40 pints of exquisite Woodfordes Wherry, a cherished favourite among home brewers.

Beer Characteristics

Woodfordes Wherry boasts a harmoniously balanced bitterness and a refreshing, crisp, dry finish, all wrapped in a light-bodied amber hue.

Its captivating aroma combines malt and citrus notes, making it an ideal companion for a tranquil evening at home.

Small Batch Brewing

This beer brewing kit includes two tins of top-quality malt extract and two packets of premium yeast, offering flexibility to craft 20 pints at a time using a single tin and yeast packet.

The Legacy of Woodfordes Brewery

Rooted in the esteemed Woodforde's Brewery recipe, the Wherry beer kit brings their renowned craftsmanship to your home brewing experience.

Woodforde's Brewery, a Norfolk-based establishment known for excellence, has partnered with Muntons to offer their exceptional beers at a fraction of commercial costs.

For those who enjoy hoppy, bitter notes, consider the Woodfordes Admiral Beer Kit, or explore the deeper, robust flavor profile of the Nelson's Revenge Beer Kit.

Your Path to Craft Beer

Each Woodfordes beer kit equips you with all necessary ingredients for top-tier beer crafting, including hopped malt extract, yeast, and comprehensive instructions.

With basic home brewing equipment, bottles, or a keg, you're ready to embark on a journey into the realm of craft beer.

To elevate your beer to commercial-grade excellence, consider the addition of Pure Brew, a professional yeast nutrient and water treatment.


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