Wine making equipment for white 6 bottle wine kit

Superior Wine Starter Kit - 6 Bottle White Wine Kit & Equipment

This home brew wine making kit for beginners contains all the basic equipment and one of the best wine kits for 6 bottles.

Making wine from home couldn't be cheaper and accessible, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

From start to finish this wine kit will be ready to drink in 4 -5 weeks approx.

Like all wines the longer you can keep it in the bottle the more it will develop in quality.

What's Included

  • A versatile Glass Demijohn Fermenter x 1
  • 10L food grade Fermentation Bucket x 1
  • Bung with airlock x 1
  • Syphon tubing with a small tap x1
  • Sediment trap x 1
  • Hydrometer x 1
  • Stick on Thermometer x 1
  • Steriliser x 1
  • Beaverdale 6 Bottle Wine Kit x 1

Chardonnay the famous white Burgundy and Chablis grape makes a rich and well balanced wine with wonderful body and finesse.

Chardonnay Semillon rich and full flavoured with flavours of lemon and peach.

Gewürztraminer a very spicy, dry white wine with a pronounced and sometimes heavily-perfumed bouquet.

Pinot Grigio a bright crisp dry white wine with a detectable spiciness on the nose and a clean citrus acidity on the taste.

Sauvignon Blanc a very popular dry fresh white wine with the characteristic aroma of gooseberries.

White Burgundy full bodied golden coloured wine with robust peach and apricot flavours.

The only additional items you will need is the water, and 6 empty wine bottles with corks.


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