Stainless Steel Hop Tube

This stainless steel hop tube is an ideal and easy way to dry hop with hop cones or hop pellets.

An alternative to using a hop spider/basket during the boil phase of brewing beer.

Avoid clogging up your pump and reduce the amount of free hops floating about in your brewing system.

Can also be used for adding spices or wood chips to the lager tank.

This tube can hold approximately 150g of hop cones; or the same volume of wood chips, fruit, herbs or spices.

The high-density mesh allows the beer to pass through easily, while stopping particles.

A small ring is attached to the lid that allows you to easily hang the Hop Tube in your vessel.

We have found this item very useful with our Grainfather G30 as a hop/pellet basket.


Height: 29.7 cm & Diameter: 6.6 cm


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