Citra Pellet Hops

Citra Hop Pellets - 100g

Citra Hop Pellets: A High-Impact Hop With Incredible Aroma

Experience the vibrant impact of Citra hop pellets in your brew. Known for their high alpha acid content and incredible aroma profile, these hop pellets, often simply referred to as Citra pellets, are a popular choice among brewers. Developed by the Hop Breeding Company and released in 2007, Citra quickly became a favourite amongst craft brewers due to its unique and bold characteristics.

Citra Pellets Flavour

Citra pellets present an impressive explosion of flavour and aroma, showcasing strong citrusy notes, particularly grapefruit, lime, and tropical fruits. When added to a brew, they impart a powerful fruitiness, and depending on the timing of the addition, can provide a wide range of effects from strong bitterness to a robust aroma.

Citra Hop Pellets Profile

  • Origin: USA
  • Alpha Acid: 11-15%
  • Beta Acid: 3-4.5%
  • Characteristics: Citrusy, Grapefruit, Lime, Tropical Fruit
  • Substitute: Mosaic, Simcoe

Citra Hop Pellets Substitute

If Citra hop pellets are unavailable, Mosaic and Simcoe can serve as excellent substitutes. Both alternatives provide a unique blend of fruity and piney characteristics that can complement or recreate the citrus and tropical notes that Citra is known for.

Pairing Citra Hop Pellets

Experimenting with hop combinations can lead to exciting flavours. Citra hop pellets pair well with a variety of hops, including Simcoe, Mosaic, and Amarillo. These combinations can enhance the complexity and depth of the fruity and citrusy notes in your brew.

Beer Styles Using Citra Pellets

Thanks to their strong aroma and flavour profile, Citra pellets are suitable for any beer style where a pronounced hop aroma and taste are desired. They are commonly used in American IPAs, Pale Ales, and other hop-forward styles. However, their application is not limited to these styles. The versatility of Citra makes it a welcome addition to various beer types.


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