Motueka Hop Pellet

Motueka Hop Pellets 100g

Motueka Hop Profile

An excellent dual-purpose hop, carrying an exciting fruit aroma with refreshing notes of tropical fruit and citrus.

It can be used at any point during the brewing process and works well in sweet, malty and fruity beers.

Motueka was originally bred for its dual-purpose application, balanced bitterness and new world “noble” type aroma.

Origin: New Zealand | Alpha Acid: 5-8.5% | Beta Acid: 5.0-5.5%

Hop Characteristics: Floral, Lemon, Lime

Motueka Hop Substitute: Saaz (US)

What beer styles will Motueka work in?

Some popular beer styles include IPA, Pale Ale, European Lager, Belgian Ale, English Ale & Pilsner.

What hops pair well with Motueka?

Motueka hops are most commonly paired with Citra, Galaxy, El Dorado, Wai-iti, Vic Secret and Nelson Sauvin.


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