Solomon Grundy Gold Zinfandel Rose 6 Bottle wine kit for sale

Solomon Grundy Gold - Zinfandel Rosé - 6 Bottle Wine Kit

Solomon Grundy Gold 6 Bottle Wine Kit will be ready to drink within 1 week of making them, given the correct temperature to ferment.

These wine making kits produce commercial 'Style' wines, in just 7-10 days, and continue to improve if left longer. 

With the addition of 600g of sugar they produce a wine of 10.5% ABV approx. and with 770g of sugar, 12.5% ABV.

Range Information

First released in 1995 Solomon Grundy wine kits are the original 7-day wine kits and quickly established themselves as the most popular kit on the market.

Solomon Grundy Gold wine kits produce quality wine with subtle flavours and body, available in both 6 & 30 bottle wine kits.

This range of commercial style wines are all designed to exhibit a 'Style' wine, using add backs.

Each kit contains concentrated grape juice, sachets of yeast, stabilizer, finings and add back flavours – this improves taste & bouquet

Please note this is just an ingredients box, and you will need wine making equipment.


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