St Peters Golden Ale Kit

St Peter's - Golden Ale Kit

St Peter's Home Brew Kit - Golden Ale

The St Peter's Golden Ale beer kit offers up to 36 pints of a highly distinctive light golden ale with an approximate 4.7% ABV.

Brewed using traditional English pale malts along with Challenger and Goldings hops, which provide the bitterness and aroma.

St Peters Golden ale produces a smooth, flavourful, and sessionable beer, with delicate caramel aromas and pleasing flavours of toffee apple.


  • Yield: 36 Pints / 20.5 Litres
  • ABV: 4.7% Approx.
  • Style: Golden Ale

What's Included?

  • 3KG of Hopped Malt Extract
  • Hop Powder
  • Premium Yeast Sachet

Authentic Brewery Recipe

Developed in collaboration with Muntons, each kit is based on the original recipe from the renowned St Peter's Brewery, ensuring authenticity and quality in every batch.

Each beer kit in this range has been approved by the head brewer at the Suffolk-based brewery, guaranteeing a true-to-taste experience.

*For a professional, commercial-style finish, we recommend adding Pure Brew - a specialized yeast nutrient and water treatment.

No additional sugar is required for this beer kit, but basic fermentation equipment and either bottles or a keg are necessary.


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