AMS (Brupaks CRS)

AMS (Brupaks CRS) - 250ml

Carbonate Reducing Solution

In the brewing industry, AMS is often used to provide optimum pH levels throughout the entire brewing process.

With AMS, liquor alkalinity is adjusted without the need for boiling by removing unwanted carbonate ions. 

CRS should be added to all the water intended for brewing and mixed in thoroughly.

A few minutes of standing time should be allowed to release the carbon dioxide produced by the neutralisation of excess acid.


  • Reduces the alkalinity levels of the brewing liquor
  • Improved extract yield & fermentability
  • Adds desirable chloride & sulphate ions in suitable proportions
  • Improves clarity and stability of the final product.

It is best used in conjunction with Brupaks Dry Water Treatment Salts to add calcium and sulphates.

Treating brewing water is a two-stage process, the correct levels of alkalinity and calcium salts must be established.

The amounts required depend on the style of beer being brewed.

Your local water authority will advise you of the total alkalinity (in ppm).


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