Buon Vino Super Jet Filter

Buon Vino Super Jet Filter - Wine Filter

Spirit, Liqueur & Wine Filter

Simply the best available homebrew filter on the market, we have even sold these commercially.

Quick and easy to set up, well-engineered, have a good set of instructions & very effective in operation.

Like all wine filters, they work best when used to add a bright sparkle to already clear wine, and not to clear the wine in the first place.

We use the Mini Jet filter fitted with fine pads on all our single 5-gallon batches.

The wine goes through in about 15 minutes and comes out with a brilliant shine.

We use the Super Jet more often as we find that we can filter 4 by 5-gallon batches using one set (there are 3 pads to a set for both machines) of fine pads.

The most we have done was 6 in one go.

The back pressure did rise, but as the Super Jet is fitted with a pressure gauge we were able to monitor this with 18/20 psi on the gauge being the recommended limit.

We use only the fine pads, as we have found that these produce a happy balance of excellent clarity with a good volume.

The Superjet connections are simple barbed for one & tapered for the other with good 1/2" food grade tubing with attached sediment trap for one & shaped 'hook over' to the depository container for the other.

They have been used for other beverages & products where exceptional clarity is sought.

Do remember that no filter will clear a wine that is full of pectin, as this will just quickly block up the pores of the pads.

It is a bit like passing wallpaper paste through a sieve!

  • Self-priming pump with an electric motor.
  • Filtering surface 1200 square cm.
  • Approx. filtering time is 1 hour per 270 litres.
  • Includes a set of 3 pads coarse, polishing and sterile.
  • Dimensions 49cm (length) by 26cm (width) by 46cm (height).
  • Overall weight 13 kg.

Buon Vino

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