IPA and Mild

The style of pale ale which became known as India pale ale, was widespread in England by 1815 and would grow in popularity, notably as an export beer shipped to India and elsewhere.

Black IPA

Black IPA (also known as Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA) or American Black Ale), is not pale in colour.

Black IPAs share the bitter hoppy flavours of their IPA cousins; however, the use of roasted malts gives them a much darker malty flavour.

Brut IPA

A crisp, dry IPA, the Brut IPA To make a brut IPA, brewers add the enzyme amyloglucosidase to remove sugars.

Double IPA

Double IPAs (also referred to as Imperial IPAs) are a stronger, very hoppy variant of IPAs that typically have alcohol content above 7.5% by volume.

New England IPA

New England IPAs (also referred to as Hazy IPA or Juicy IPA) are a style of IPA & they are characterised by juicy citrus and floral flavours, with an emphasis on hop aroma with lower bitterness.

They also have a smooth consistency or mouthfeel, and a hazy appearance. These characteristics are achieved using a combination of brewing techniques, including the use of particular strains of yeast, the timing of adding the hops, and adjusting the chemistry of the water.

The style has become popular among New England brewers.

It was officially recognised as a separate beer style, the Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ale, by the Brewers Association in 2018. A variation on the style is the milkshake IPA, which adds lactose to make a New England IPA more creamy.

Triple IPA

Triple IPAs are characterised by higher hop flavours and higher alcohol content, with alcohol content usually over 10% ABV. West Coast IPA West Coast IPAs are known for being low in malt content, very clear, and dry with a focus on the hop

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