Malic Acid

Malic Acid 50g

Malic Acid Powder

Many brewers will add malic acid to reduce the pH level of homebrew red wines.

It will lower pH less than tartaric acid will which is why some winemakers prefer to use that acid.

We recommend adding malic or tartaric acids either before or after primary fermentation.

A general rule of thumb is that 3.4 grams per gallon will adjust the acidity by +.1%.

Malic acid is an acid that is naturally found in fruit and quite commonly in grapes and apples.

Wine needs to be within a certain pH level otherwise the tasting experience won't be very nice.

The acidity works to counter the sweetness and bitter components of the wine such as tannins.

If your wine is going to undergo malolactic fermentation (such as red or sparkling) do not add extra malic acid as this will convert to lactic acid.


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