Muntons Gold Active Brewing Yeast

Muntons Gold - Active Brewing Yeast 6g

Muntons Premium Gold Yeast

Muntons Active Brewing Yeast will tolerate a wide range of temperature variations during fermentation.

The yeast rehydrates at 20°C and therefore simply requires sprinkling onto the surface of your wort - no need to stir - and the yeast will rehydrate and activate within just a few hours.

The yeast has excellent crusting characteristics forming a firm 'jelly-like' deposit at the bottom of the fermenter and bottle or barrel.

The flavour profile is excellent and the yeast has the ability to drop out of suspension very rapidly.

There is a major benefit if you are bottling your beer.

When pouring your beer you will not disturb the firm yeast sediment and therefore can fill your glass safe in the knowledge that it will be a clear bright pint.

Flocculation rate, therefore, is the major advantage over Standard Munton's yeast.

This benefit also applies when you are siphoning your beer from the fermenter into your bottles or barrel.

Once again the firm crusting characteristics will ensure that you transfer all of your beer to your bottles or barrel and therefore will not waste any.

Sprinkle contents directly on up to 23 L and ferment at 18-22 degrees for best results.


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