Dark Rock - San Francisco Steam Beer – All Grain Kit

California Common - Steam Beer Recipe

The Dark Rock San Francisco Steam Beer All Grain Kit allows you to delve into a significant part of American brewing history.

This kit replicates the essence of the Californian Common Beer, one of the only three original American beer styles.

This distinctive beer offers a taste of brewing traditions dating back to the prohibition era.

Boasting a deep amber colour, silky mouthfeel, and a clean finish—made possible by fermenting lager yeast at warmer temperatures—it presents a rewarding and fascinating brew for all beer enthusiasts.

With the San Francisco Steam Beer Kit, you'll produce 40 pints of this rich, intriguing beer, boasting an estimated alcohol content of 5.9% ABV—a testament to a unique American brewing legacy.


  • Makes: 40 pints / 5 gallons
  • ABV Approx.: 5.9%
  • Fermentation Time: 10-14 days (approx.)
  • Conditioning Time: 4 weeks minimum (it will mature further if left longer)
  • Yeast: Mangrove Jack's - M54 Californian Lager
  • Malted Grains: Pale Malt, Vienna, Crystal, Chocolate
  • Hop Pellets: Chinook

What else is Included?

  • Pure Brew: A water treatment and nutrient blend to enhance the brew
  • Britewort: A kettle finings agent for clarifying the wort during brewing
  • Starbrite: Vegan-friendly beer finings to ensure clarity in the final product
  • Fermenter and Keg ID Stickers: For easy identification and organization during the brewing process
  • Instructions: A comprehensive guide to seamlessly walk you through the brewing process

Embark on a brewing journey steeped in American history with the West Coast Steam Beer All Grain Beer Kit. 


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