Hop Shop - Session IPA - All Grain Kit

A Hop Shop - Session IPA - All Grain Kit

All Grain Session IPA Recipe

Discover the refreshing delight of our Hop Shop Session IPA, a craft beer that's both full-flavored and easy to drink.

This Session IPA delivers a bright, hop-centric taste with just the right touch of bitterness.

Each glass bursts with a spectrum of citrus and pine notes, rounded out by a clean, crisp finish.

Our brew is tailored for those who seek the bold, assertive taste of a classic IPA, yet prefer a beer that's suitable for enjoying over extended sessions.

The moderate alcohol content means you can savor more, without compromising on the quality and depth of flavor you expect from a top-notch IPA.

Perfect for any occasion, this Session IPA is a refreshing choice whether you're sharing with friends or enjoying a quiet moment alone.

It's a contemporary take on the IPA tradition, offering an accessible yet sophisticated beer experience.


  • Makes: 19 Litres
  • ABV Approx.: 4.6%
  • Fermentation time: 10-14 days approx.
  • Conditioning time: 4 weeks minimum (it will mature further if left longer)
  • Yeast: SafAle S-04 English Ale Yeast
  • Hop Pellets: Simcoe, Cascade, Azacca
  • Malted Grains: Maris Otter, Light Munich, Vienna, Chit, Flaked Oats

What else is Included?

  • Pure Brew: A water treatment and nutrient combo to optimise your brew.
  • Britewort: Kettle Finings used to help achieve clarity in your wort during the brewing process.
  • Full instructions: A comprehensive guide to steer you through the brewing process.

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