Protafloc Tablets

Protafloc Tablets pack of 10 (Copper Finings)

Protafloc Tablets: Copper Finings (Irish Moss)

Protafloc tablets are crafted from semi-refined carrageenan or Irish Moss, these tablets are the kettle fining agent of choice for homebrewers worldwide, striving for visually appealing and deliciously smooth beer.

The Secret Power of Carrageenan

At the core of every Protafloc tablet lies carrageenan, a substance widely known for its gelling, thickening, and stabilizing properties. In the realm of homebrewing, it is recognized as an effective kettle fining or "copper finings" agent.

When added directly to the wort (unfermented beer) during the final stages of boiling, Protafloc tablets jumpstart a crucial process. As the wort cools, these tablets promote the coagulation of unstable proteins, causing them to settle at the bottom. This process, known as enhanced protein removal, drastically reduces the haze, resulting in a much clearer and more visually appealing brew.

Using Protafloc Tablets for Best Results

When it comes to Protafloc tablets, getting the dosage right is crucial. Typically, homebrewers add 1/4 to 1 tablet per 23 litres of beer. However, the optimal dosage may vary depending on the brewing conditions and beer characteristics. Always follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer or supplier for the best results.

Protafloc tablets work best when added towards the end of the boil. With their help, you can expect to see a clearer wort that requires less time to fine later on, leading to a brighter beer with a prolonged shelf-life. Protafloc tablets offer an effortless way to elevate the clarity and taste of your beer. Embrace this secret weapon, and your homebrewing efforts will undoubtedly yield a beer that's clearer, tastier, and more enjoyable for everyone.

Product Details

  • Reduces haze-forming materials without affecting head retention
  • Improves fermentation and attenuation
  • Produces brighter worts and makes finings more effective late
  • Contains 10 tablets - sufficient for up to 20 brews.
  • Add 1/2 tablet per 23 Litres (5 Gallons) of wort in the last 15 mins of the boil.

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